Safer Sex Tips

Safer sex Tips

• Always use latex condoms for anal or vaginal sex.
• Use water-based lube (like Astroglide, Wet, or Eros). Using oil-based lube (like Vaseline) can break down condoms.
• Being the insertive partner – or “the top” – without using a condom is unsafe, as is being the receptive partner – or “the bottom.”
• It’s difficult to spread HIV through oral sex; to remain even safer keep your cum out of his mouth and his cum out of yours.
• Remember that alcohol and drug use can make it more difficult to stay safe.
• If someone is HIV-positive and has what is called “a low viral load,”that does not mean that the person is safe to have unprotected sex with.
• You can use oil-based lubricants with polyurethane condoms (e.g. Reality, Avanti).