Core Group

The Core Group is made up of anyone who attends a Mu Crew meeting. They serve as the guide for what the program does and where it focuses its energy. The Core Group helps come up with programing ideas, identifies community needs, and works to implement The Mu Crew’s mission statement on a day to day basis.


In 2010 the Condom Squad was formed! The Condom Squad’s mission is to encourage everyone to have fun, hot, safer-sex. Members of the group head out once per month to the area GLBT bars to distribute safer-sex kits to the community and spread the word about the program.

Sexpert Trainings

Wanna be a Sexpert? Then come to one of The Mu Crew’s Sexpert Trainings! At Sexpert trainings guys get to meet other guys, talk about ways to have fun, hot, sex and also go beyond the basic safer-sex information to learn and discuss what makes successful relationships tick and how to build one.


The Pi House

Did we mention we have our own club house? The Pi House serves as a place where you can be yourself, relax, and take a break with other friends. It’s the spot where Mu Crew meetings and some social events take place and it’s conveniently located right in the heart of downtown Dayton.